February 28, 2019

Hi Parents,

Please see below for a few updates.

Field Trip

We will be going on a field trip on Wednesday the 27th. Please make sure you fill in and return all the paperwork. The sheet with the medical concerns needs to be signed even if there is nothing on it. If you are able to volunteer, please remember you will need to have your Vulnerable Sector Check completed. We have a note in the office to have the fee waived. let me know if you need it.


As of this coming week, please encourage your child to write at least 3 sentences. I would also suggest that they use a variety of sentence types (statement, exclamation and question). Please make sure that you keep up with nightly reading. Students should be reading a level 15 by then end of Grade 1.

Finally I would like o wish you all a safe and restful March break!

Mrs. Akl

February 7, 2019

Hi Parents,

Please see below for a few more updates.


In your child's agenda bag tonight, I have placed a sheet to get the App Class Dojo. This will be for those parents who no longer receive the Remind messages. Once you install the App you will get notifications when I send out messages. If Remind is still working for you, no worries, continue with that if you wish and disregard the sign up for Class Dojo. I will send my updates on both applications to suit the needs of you all.

Spirit Days

We will be having 4 Spirit Days this month to celebrate our amazing St. Bernard School Spirit. The first one is tomorrow it is Super Hero Day, the 14th is Purple, Pink, Red and White Day, Feb 22 is Hawaiian/Beach Day and March 1st is Jersey Day. Please encourage your child to participate in the fun!!!

Valentine's Day

I will send a class list of names of children in our class. Children are invited to use it to make Valentine's for their classmates.


Thank you to those who have submitted pledges for our Dance-a-thon. If you haven't yet, you have until the 14th. The top class will win a Pizza lunch! Also, please continue to send in money for the Cake Raffle.


Please see the link in the previous update if you wish to sign up for an interview on the 21st.

Thanks everyone!

Mrs. Akl

February 5, 2019

Dear Parents,

Please use the link below to book your interview. Interviews are February 21st. You need to click on "Jump to Date" and switch the date to February 21st to see the booking screen.


February 4, 2019

Hi Parents,

Please see below for some updates.


We will be having a Dance-a-thon on the 14th, information regarding was sent home. If you have any questions, please let me know.


I am sad to say that using the Remind App will no longer be possible as many parents are Rogers customers. I know of a similar App we could use to send messages. Please let me know via the agenda if you think it would help you. If there is enough interest, I will sign us up and give you the details. It's easy, you'll just need to get the App. 

Report Cards and Interviews

Report cards will go home on the 14th of February. Interviews are the 21st. This time the interviews are by request. Once again, my sign up isn't working at the moment. I will try to get it up and running. If not, please let me know via the agena your prefered time and I will book you. Also, please know I welcome you always for an interview. Interviews by phone or in person are not limited to reporting periods. :)

Valentine's Day

I will send out a class list with names later this week if your child would like to make Valentines for friends.

Sweater Day/Winter Walk Day

Winter Walk Day is the 6th, we will take a walk outside, you are also encouraged to walk with your children that day. It's a good time to discuss how walking instead of a car (if possible) is a better choice for our planet. Sweater Day is the 7th. We ask the students to wear a sweater as we turn the heat down a little t teach the children about conservation of energy.

100 Day of School

We will have some special activities on the 11th for the children in the afternoon to celebrate the 10oth Day of School!!!

Curriculum Goals

Please check the Curriculum tab to see our goals for February.


We go to library every Tuesday, please make sure books are returned.


If your child is borrowing classroom levelled readers, please make sure you return the red folder on Fridays or Mondays with the books and your signature on the sheet that shows that you are finished with them and would like new ones.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs. Akl

January 21, 2019

Hi Parents,

I hope you are all staying warm! Please see below for some updates...

1. There are no new Word Wall Words this week because Friday is a PD Day. Please take the time to review those words your child is still working on.

2. We will introduce the "et" Family of Words this week. The Word Family Words learned to date are at, am, an, it, in, ay, ig, et.

3. For those students with leveled readers, you will get new books tomorrow. Please make sure to sign the log sheet so I know you have read the book and are ready for a new one.

4. We go to the learning Commons on Tuesdays. Please make sure your child has her/his book.

Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Akl

January 14, 2019

Hi Parents!

Please see below for a few updates.


If your child is reading below level, I have placed in their red folder a leveled reader. Please read it with your child several times throughout the week. Each week I will give you a new one. If however mid-week you feel your child needs a new one or a level up, let me know and I will send a new one. Please continue to review all words since September. I am testing their sight words this week and will send the results home soon. Please continue to also do your regular nightly reading. The levelled readers are an addition to your regular reading plan. If your child is at or above level and you would still like a reader, let me know.

We are also working on the "ay" word family and the 'ig" word family. If you have extra time you can review some words with those endings.


We started working on addition this week. Please discuss this with your child at home and allow them opportunities to see addition in your day to day life.


We started discussing Baptism in Religion. If possible, please send in a picture to share of your child on their special day.


There may be an issue with the App at the end of the month. I am hearing that those with Rogers and Bell will no longer get messages. I am not sure how many of you would be affected. I'll give you an update later this month. It's too bad because I really love using this App.

Have a great week everyone!

Mrs. Akl

January 7, 2019

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and Welcome back. It was nice to see all the children today. They all seemed very happy to be back and to see all their friends. Please see below for some updates.


Homework starts up again this week. In addition to the regular homework I will also include a levelled reader in the red folders of students who have not yet reached the expected reading level for this time. please read the book over several times, this helps with recognizing the words and reading fluency.  By the end of January, students should be reading a level 5-6. You can see the levels on the back of the books. Each Monday, I will change the book. If you do not see a book in the folder, your child is reading at or above level and therefor you can continue with your regular home reading program. If however you feel you would still like a levelled reader for your child, please let me know and I will send one.


Please check the curriculum tab to see what are Learning Goals are for January in order for you to support your child.


Please be reminded that we are a nut free school, please make sure to check all labels to ensure that nothing containing nuts is brought to school.

Mrs. Akl