November 27, 2015

November 27

Hi Parents, I just wanted to send a quick update. Firstly, thanks to all of you for taking the time to come out to meet Ms. Deek and I at the interviews. Your children are so lucky to have such amazing, supportive parents! If you were unable to make it, we are glad to meet with you at a later time, just us know.
The past three months have gone by very quickly and the students have already come so far in their learning. Thanks for reinforcing things at home and supporting their learning. I have also been pleased to see that most of you are on Twitter an check it regularly. It's a great way to have discussions about school at home.
The next three weeks will be busy as the we begin the Advent season this Sunday. There will many discussions about the importance of preparing our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Mrs. Larocque will lead us in weekly Advent celebrations in the Learning Commons. We will also be busy preparing for our Christmas Concert and Craft on the 17th of December at 9-10. We hope you all can make it. And just so that you are aware, the other kindergarten classes have their concerts, the same day but may be at a different time. Our class will start out in the gym at 9 with the concert, next we will go to the classroom for the craft, and all will be done by 10. We look forward to seeing you then! Enjoy your weekend!