January 29, 2016

February Update

Hi Parents!

As we enter into February, I wanted to touch base and send a few tips and reminders...

1. Please check your Twitter account regularly, reading the Tweets will help keep you informed and thus able to engage with your child and his/her learning.
2. When new information is added to the Blog, I will send a Tweet to ask you to check for the update. Check the Calendar Tab to confirm your week for playdough as well as other events and birthdays for that month.
3. Please use Dreambox and Razkids regularly to help support your child with numeracy and literacy.
4. Continue to use the Communication Book, email or Twitter for day to day inquiries and comments.
5. Please ensure your child keeps a spare pair of socks in their backpack. This gives them easy access to change when needed.
6. When ordering Scholastic Books, you can now pay online.
7. Library books are always due Thursdays.
8. 1st Term Report Cards go home on February 4. J/K students have comments for all subjects and S/K students have comments and Grades. There are no formally scheduled interview days for this Report Card. However Mrs. Deek and I are happy to meet with you for a face to face or telephone interview at any time.
9. Keep up the hard work! You are all so supportive and your children are so blessed to have such wonderful caring parents!