January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hi Parents,

Happy New Year to you all. We have heard from the students that you all had a great 2 weeks with your children. They were happy to share all their wonderful experiences with us, from hockey rinks to the beaches of Mexico!

Upon returning to class last week, we gladly welcomed a new student to our group. The children have been very kind and welcoming. You should be proud. You would also be proud of all their learning. They have all been working very hard. Throughout the month of January, Mrs. Deek and I will be working on reviewing all the material worked on since September. You can review our goals under the Curriculum Tab.

Early next month you will get your child's first report card. This is intended to share with you how they have been progressing. The JK students will have comments and the SK students will have comments with descriptors for all subjects (WD for well developed, DE for developing as expected, BD for beginning to develop and NT for needs time). After you have received the report card, you will have the opportunity to come in for a meeting to discuss it or  have a phone interview if you would like.

Finally, thank you so much for checking the zippy, Twitter and Blog regularly. Your active engagement in your child's day to day learning is a real asset to their learning. Keep up the hard work parents, your beautiful children are definitely worth it!