April 29, 2016

Hi Parents!

Next week is Catholic Education Week.  We have a lot of fun activities planned throughout the week. The children are sure to enjoy themselves. Most activities are only for the students but Wednesday we have our school Open House. You are welcome to come to the school anytime between 7:30-8:30 to see the classes and see your children's work, Also, Monday at 10:00 is our school Liturgy, parents are welcome to come to this as well. You are always welcome to all school Masses and Liturgies. There will be a Book Fair at the school throughout the week, You can come in anytime to have a look at what is for sale. If you are here on Wednesday morning, you can pop in the library at that time. Our class' allotted time is Thursday morning. If you send money that day, your child will be brought down to purchase a book. Finally, please have a look at the curriculum goals for the month and check out the calendar to keep yourself in the loop with what is happening this month.