March 30, 2016

Hello Everyone,

With another new month around the corner, I wanted to take the time to give you an update. Things continue to go very well, The children are working hard at play and learning so much. Please continue to have discussions with your child about what they are learning. Goals are posted in this Blog under the Curriculum header and new learning is often shared on Twitter.
In April, we will be looking for volunteers on the 13th to help with our Scientists in the School Workshop. We will need 5 parents and they will be asked to come to the school for 8:15 and will here for the morning supporting the workshop. If you came to our field trip in the fall, you will likely not be chosen for this one. We would like to give the opportunity to others first. We are planning on having another Field Trip later on in the year so if you can't volunteer this time, there will be another opportunity. If you are free on the 13th in the morning and are interested in helping out, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, in April one of our Math Goals is estimation. Each night a plastic container will go home with a different child. Parents are asked to help their children select some items to put in the container and return to school. At school the class will work to estimate the quantity of items in the container.
Finally, remember to check Twitter often and use Razkids and Dreambox.  Also, our Learning Goals are posted on the Blog, please seek authentic opportunities to support our goals in your day to day interactions with your children. We thank you for your continued support!