September 1, 2016

Welcome Everyone!

Mrs. Scott and I are so excited to welcome back all of our returning students and to welcome for the first time our new fist year kindergarten students. We know that the first few weeks brings lots of excitement but can also be challenging with getting into routine. Don't worry, we will support you and your children to make the transition to school a pleasant one for all! Over the next few weeks, our new families will get lots of new information. Please ask questions when you are not sure about things. For our returning families, you are all experts in kindergarten now but of course know that any questions or concerns will be addressed. Below I have outlined some information to hopefully help you get a good and informed start to the year.

All heavy communication will be done through this Blog,  Twitter will be used to share pictures, articles and other information. Remind will be used to send short whole class reminders and individual messages. Email can also be used. Phone Calls and Interviews will also happen on an as needed basis. There will be no "Communication Book" that goes home daily. Our class is one of the first in our school to go "Paperless". We are proud of this initiative. Should there be flyers from the school or notes of any sort, we will place them in your child's bag.

This year the Ministry has released a new Kindergarten program. You can find specifics about expectations by visiting the ministry's website More information on this will be given when we have our Open House later in the month.

Requested Materials
On the first day of school you will receive one of the only paper letters from us. It has a list of requested items for the classroom. They are suggested items only, We appreciate all the donations that we receive. Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Flow of the Day
Returning families have a good sense of what our day looks like, for the new families, we will give you information about this at your intake interview and again at our Open House later in the month.

We take attendance first thing in the morning. and first thing in the afternoon. If you know your child will be absent, please let us know via Remind/Email or a phone call to the office. School begins at 8:30. It is very important to have your child at school on time. Tardiness can through off our classroom routines. At the end of the day, school ends at 3:00. If you are picking up your child you must be there at 3:00. Once again, please be punctual with this. In the beginning of the year all students will have a tag placed on their bag indicating the way in which they go home. These tags help us and other staff ensure that your child gets to the proper place.

Now, take a deep breath, I know this is a lot of information. We will get into a good routine with everything in no time. Your children in our hands become our children. We look forward to working with them all and watching them grow throughout the year.