September 11, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We have made it through our first week! The Yellow Dragons are doing an amazing job at settling into routines and having lots of fun getting to know each other. Mrs. Scott and I wanted to begin by thanking you all for making the week a success. The children all came prepared which made for an easy transition back to school. Thank you so much for sending in the requested material (indoor shoes, blanket, classroom materials, change of clothes and family photos). If you haven't yet, please aim to have it all by this Friday. (We are missing a lot of the family photos.) Also, thank you for sending back the forms to be singed, and for singing up for Remind. If you haven't done that, please do so ASAP. That is the quickest way to get the most up to date information. We have included the children's birthdays in the Blog Calendar. Your homework is to please check to make your your child's birthday is on the calendar at the correct place. If we missed someone, please let us know. Finally, remember to come on Wednesday the 21st at 6:30 for our Meet the Teacher Night. We are looking forward to another amazing year!