September 17, 2016

Hi Parents,

With week two behind us, we are settled into some great routines and the children are adjusting well to the new year. Below you will find some more information regarding more of the the ins and outs of our class.

Learning Commons

We will be going to the Learning Commons (library) every Thursday. The children will choose a book to take home for the week. Books will be due to school on Wednesdays. Each week the child can choose to take an English or French book. If the book is not returned, your child will not be permitted to take out a new one, until the old one is handed in.

Reading Buddies

Every second week, a class of Grade 5/6 students will come to our class for a 45 minute block. They will be paired up with a Yellow Dragon  and read with them. It is a great learning opportunity for both classes!


The consent form you singed means that when we take photos of the children in class, we can post them (faces, no names) om our classroom Twitter account. As of this week, we will begin to do that. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Meet the Teacher Night

We hope to see you all come out on Monday evening. The night begins in the gym, followed by classroom visits. When you come in the room, please follow the checklist on the Smartboard. Your child will take you around in the class and show you different stations. There is no formal presentation, feel free to come in and out as you wish.

Picture Day

School Photo day is September 28th. Please mark you calendars. They usually schedule the Kinders to be first.


Please note that updates to the Curriculum Goals and the Calendar do not appear when you open the Blog on your Smartphone.

Thank you

Finally, thank you once again for all your donations and for your support. We are so happy to have 93% of the class singed up for Remind. We love how it is allowing us to stay connected and keep you informed and vice versa. Please don't hesitate to use it.