October 2, 2016

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to update you on a few things. Please see the headings below and keep informed.

Book Fair

We will not have our regular Learning Commons time this week. The Learning Commons will be closed because we will be having a Scholastic Book Fair. Our class' time to go is Thursday at 8:40. If you want your child to purchase a book, please send them to school with money on that day. Please put the money in a small bag, labelled with their name. This is completely optional.

Book Orders

We will be sending Scholastic book order flyers to you throughout the year. Please be mindful of the due dates and keep in mind that the easiest way to pay is on-line. The first orders went out this week and the orders are due by October 6.


A few have you have offered to volunteer weekly in the class. Mrs. Scott and I will begin our volunteer schedule the week after Thanksgiving. We will be in touch with you to set times. Thanks! We will also be needing volunteers for Field Trips (we are looking into a Field Trip this month, stay tuned for more information) and other special activities throughout the year. We will let you know about those needs as they arise.

Dreambox and Razkids

We are fortunate at St Jerome to have 2 excellent programs to support your child's Literacy and Math development. The programs are free.  Dreambox is for Math and Razkids is for Reading. Dreambox is ready to go from our Blog, you're child can choose an avatar and a password and get started. For Razkids go to www.kidsa-z.com . (The tab in the Blog isn't linked correctly, from what I understand.) It will prompt you for your Teacher Username. Please enter lakl1. I think that is all you need. Please let me know if you have questions.

Curriculum Goals

Please make sure to check the Curriculum Goals tab to see what we will be working on in October. You can support your child's learning by extending these goals at home and in your day to day authentic interactions with your child.