January 29, 2017

Hi Parents!

I know it's hard to believe, but we are half way through the school year! The time has flown by and the children continue to progress well. We are very proud of their continued efforts. Below I have included some new information for you as we enter into another month.

Valentine's Day
Children are welcome to send Valentines to their classmates. We will send home a new class list which will include the name of our new student. (We had a new friend join 2 weeks ago. The Yellow Dragons did an amazing job at  giving her a warm welcome and making her feel like she belongs.) As for addressing the cards, you can do what suits you and your child best. You can write on all of the "to: My friend" or your child can write out the names of their friends. It is good writing practice but if your child is not there yet, they don't need to do that.

Communication of Learning
Your child will receive their Communication of Learning (this is what the new Kindergarten Report Card is called) on February 16. As mentioned at interviews it is based on the new Kindergarten Program and is divided into 4 Frames.  To read more https://files.ontario.ca/books/edu_the_kindergarten_program_english_aoda_web_oct7.pdf There will be no formal interview night this time. Interviews will be held by requests made by teachers and parents.

A big thank you goes out to all of the amazing parents who find the time to volunteer. We have 4 regular parent readers and it's still growing! We will get a new schedule together after March break to include any new parents wanting to read or do other activities for the class. Also, thank you for the playdough donations and for sending in materials for our 3D structures unit. We are grateful for all your efforts.

RazKids and Dreambox
Please try to find the time to access these two sites. They are great programs to support your child's Literacy and Math skills. lakl1 is the Teacher Password for Razkids should you be prompted to enter it. Dreambox doesn't ask for a password.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing communication through Remind, phone calls and informal conversations at school. We are blessed to have such wonderful parents to work with. Please be reminded that we enjoy hearing from you and we welcome any questions you have at any time.