June 27, 2017

Dear Parents,

I wanted to take the time to thank you all for a wonderful year. It has been a real pleasure working with your children and witnessing their growth. They are each so unique and very special in their own ways. Though I am excited to be starting a new beginning, I will miss them very much. Replacing me with be Ms. Robb. The students all know her as she has done some work in supporting our students throughout the year. I am sure she and Mrs. Scott will make a great team.

I would also like to thank all for your generosity with items for the classroom such as donating snacks, playdough, craft supplies, puzzles... as well as with your time volunteering for things such as field trips, scientists in the school, reading with students, and preparing classroom materials.

Finally, at the end of all of our lessons, we have consolidation circles. At these times students talk about what they have learned. As I reflect on my past four years of Kindergarten, I find myself thinking about what I have learned in Kindergarten. I have certainly learned a lot, but my biggest lesson I think is realizing how much all kids really want and need is to be heard, valued and loved. So, as you spend your summer holidays with those beautiful children of yours, think about how valuable your time spent with them really is. Have a safe and wonderful summer and all the best to you in the new school year.

Mrs. Akl