February 5, 2018

Hi Parents,

Please see below for some updates. Also, remember to see the Curriculum Tab and the Calendar Tab to have a glance at February.

Report Cards/Interviews

Report Card will be going home on the 15th of February. Please read through them carefully. Should you wish to come for an interview following your review of the report card, you simply need to fill in the bottom part of the third page of the report card and I will contact you to set up a time. Interviews will be held on Tuesday the 20th. I am flexible with this however so we can arrange another time that suits you best.


Thank you for keeping your child's homework up to date. It's a good idea to look back from time to time to review the words since September.


Please continue to do nightly reading with your child. You are encouraged to go onto Razkids also. It is a good program with books at level for your child. Should you wish to have your child  borrow books from our class library at their level to read at home, let me know. I can send some of those home to further support your child's reading.

Sweater/Winter Walk Day

This Wednesday is Sweater Day, we turn the heat down and wear sweaters to teach the children about the importance of conserving energy. We will also have our Winter Walk day that day so please dress warmly.

Winterplay Day

Thursday we will have our Winter Play Day. Please dress for being outside for the afternoon. It is a good idea to put an extra pair of socks and mittens in your child's bag that day so that they can switch them up if they get wet.

100 Day

Friday we will celebrate the 100th day of school! The grade 1 classes will participate in activities in the gym around that special day of the year!

Shrove Tuesday

We will be having a pancake breakfast next week on Shrove Tuesday, information regarding this was sent home last week. If you didn't get the information, let me know.

Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders are due on Monday, February 12.