May 31, 2017

Hi Parents,

Here we are in the last month of school already. We've had a wonderful year so far and will surely have lots of fun in this last month too. There are a few activities taking place so make sure you check the calendar tab so you don't miss anything. Please continue to read the headings below.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the extras you have done to support our class. We are so grateful to have such a great bunch of dedicated parents.

End of Year Celebration
Our End of Year celebration will take place at 10:30 on June 22. We will start out in the class with a little presentation then will go outside for a picnic lunch. Children are welcome to bring towels and bathing suits as there is a small water sprinkler there. Should the weather not be favorable, the Celebration will end after the in class portion.

Communication of Learning
You will receive your child's Communication of Learning on June 27.

Grade 1 Transition
Throughout the month of June we will have few opportunities for our second year students to get aa sense of what Grade 1 will look like. More information on this will follow.