May 13, 2017

Hi Parents,

On Monday we will be going on our field trip to Baxter’s Conservation Area. Thanks to all the volunteers who are coming along with us. You can meet us in the classroom at 8:45. Because we have so many volunteers, the students will be in groups of 2-3. You will be assigned your group in class before departure. Please read the recommendations sent below and let me know if you have any questions. I have also included a flow of our day.

Here is a list of things for your students to bring with you :
·         Rubber boots (Necessary for the pond study. Baxter is also wet in the spring
·         Rain gear (Jacket, splash pants, etc. - Just in case!)
·         Water bottle (We do not have water fountains but water bottles can be filled at the sinks onsite)
·         Litterless lunch (We ask all groups to pack out any garbage they bring in with them. We DO NOT sell food onsite)
·         Extra change of clothes (In case it rains and clothes get wet)
The RVCA and local Health Unit recommend the following things for visits to any natural area:   
·         Long light coloured pants and long-sleeved shirts in lightweight fabric for breathability
·         Closed-toed shoes
·         DEET based insect repellent
·         Sunscreen and hat
·         Checking yourself for ticks when you return home:

Flow of the Day
Leave St Jerome 9:00

Arrive at Baxter 9:30
(introductions, snack and washroom break)
15 minutes
Program 1 9:45-11:15
~90 minutes
Lunch 11:15-11:45
30 minutes
Program 2 11:45-1:15
~90 minutes
Prepare to depart (snack and washroom break)1:15
15 minutes
Depart Baxter’s 1:30